Photo Restoration
Copyright 2010 Thistle de Luna
Treasured heirloom photographs can be restored to nearly new condition. Traditional photos, tintypes,and negatives can all be
restored and reproduced. The original is returned unchanged as all work is done on the computer. Tears, stains, missing corners,
etc can all be fixed. Then a digital photographic copy is printed. Once retouching is done, multiple copies can be made from the
digital file. Relatives, especially family genealogists, will be thrilled to receive a visual piece of their family history.

This photo was in two pieces and
measured aprox. one inch each.
Now a complete and
restored portrait, ready
for the family to enjoy again.
Not just for antique photos! Both color and black & white photos, old and recent, with damage such as tears,
stains, sunfading, etc. can all be restored. Older color photos that are faded or turning (usually green or orange)
can be restored to their vibrant natural color again. Even hand tinted photos can be repaired.